Saturday, June 7, 2008


the following drawings were done in my graduate drawing class. it was great working with drawing materials again since i have recently been so focused on working with acrylics.
houses #1 (18x44 inches)
i decided to experiment with my houses subject in a drawing medium. there are still layers of collage incorporated into these pieces. i also used charcoal, graphite, chalk pastels, and gesso.

houses #3 (22x36 inches)

houses #5 (22x18 inches)

this is a drawing experiment created in my classes. it is charcoal on paper and measures about
18 x 24 inches.

these two drawings were also complete in my graduate drawing course. i chose the hinges as a subject because i enjoyed their overlapping shapes. it was later pointed out to me how these hinges looked like my houses... funny how the houses keep coming back into my work.